Video: Teacher Charges Children for Bathroom Breaks


Sonja Cross, the mom of a 7-year-old student, claims that her son wet his pants in class because his teacher refused to let him use the restroom on Thursday afternoon.

Cross told NBC Dallas-Fort Worth: "I was absolutely appalled. I could not believe it."

An unidentified teacher at J.O. Davis Elementary in Irving, Texas, had set up a system where she awarded her students with "Boyd Bucks" for good behavior, reports NBC Dallas-Fort Worth.

Going to the bathroom, outside of scheduled breaks, costs two Boyd Bucks, but Cross' son didn’t have any Boyd Bucks and subsequently wet his pants in class.

Cross recalled: "He tried to hold it as much as he could, but he just couldn’t. He came home from school, and he was crying and really upset. Really, that's just unhealthy. I think that she had no concern for the children."

"Originally when I first spoke with the teacher, she was just going to show my son special treatment, but then I said, 'That's just not good enough. I need for you to stop this for all the children.'"

After Cross told the school administrators about the bizarre bathroom rules, they told the teacher to stop charging her students to go to the bathroom.

The school does not plan any disciplinary action against the teacher, but Cross may push for the teacher to be suspended because of the pain caused to her child: "The kids are teasing him and whatnot, and it's just over for him. This is something he's going to have to deal with for quite some time."


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