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Video: Tata Massage Parlor Offers Face Slapping for $350

It sounds like something out of the 'Three Stooges,' people wanting to get their face slapped.

The new Tata Massage parlor in San Francisco, California is charging folks $350 to get slapped in the face repeatedly.

Mawin Sombuntham, who runs the parlor with his wife Tata, told CBS San Francisco: “Of course the first reaction is, ‘What? Face slapping?’ It’s from ancient Thai wisdom that’s been passed down from generation to generation, and it’s a secret technique."

“Circulation is part of it, but it’s optimizing the fat and tissues and muscles that are in the face.”

Tata and Mawin believe face slapping will be embraced as a non-invasive, chemical-free treatment for $350 per session. They say the results last six months.

Sombuntham added one disclaimer: “We don’t get rid of wrinkles actually, we only lessen the wrinkles."


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