Video: 'The Talk' Co-Host Sharon Osbourne Has Breast Implants Removed

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Sharon Osbourne returned Thursday from her hiatus on 'The Talk' and revealed that she had her breast implants removed after one started leaking.

The 58-year-old wife of rocker Ozzy Osbourne said: "One morning I woke up and one of my boobies was kind of much longer than the other. So I'm thinking, this isn't right."

A doctor advised Osbourne that one of her breast implants had leaked into the wall of her stomach and told her to have them both removed. Osbourne told her co-hosts that she was pleased with the surgery: "I don't feel like I have a water bed laying on my chest anymore."

While on hiatus, Osbourne was replaced by Kris Jenner, the famous mom of the Kardashian clan. Co-hosts Holly Robinson and Leah Remini were fired earlier this year from the CBS talk show.

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