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Video: Taco Bell Cuts Employees' Hours to Avoid Paying for Health Care

A Taco Bell in Guthrie, Oklahoma cut its full-time employees' hours down to 28 hours a week (and lower) in order to avoid paying for their health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, also known as 'Obamacare,' reports 9 News (video below).

Taco Bell employee Johnna Davis, a mother of three, has seen a 200 dollar cut in her pay since the new policy went into effect.

Davis told 9 News: "What we were being told was one thing, and that was, ‘we're going to offer benefits, we'll just keep all of our full time employees' and then come December, their whole story changed."

"They informed everybody that nobody was considered full-time any longer, that everybody was now considered part-time, and [they] would be cutting hours back to 28 hours or less due to Obamacare."

"Several of the other people I work with, some of them are single parents, and we do the best we can, and 28 hours a week just isn't going to cut it for the bills."

Treadwell Enterprises, which owns the restaurant, released a statement this week: "Treadwell Enterprises, like most businesses, is still researching what the Affordable Care Act means to our operations. Regardless of the conclusion of our analysis, we will comply with this law, as we do all laws."


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