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Video: Surgeons At Moldovan Children's Hospital Using Power Tools on Patients?

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Doctors at a state-run Moldovan hospital were using common household tools, including an electric drill and pliers, in surgery on children, according to leaked video from the operating room.

The video, which can be seen below, was taken in the operating room of a children’s hospital in Chisinau, Moldova, and played on several local news stations, according to ABC News. Since it’s leak, it’s incited outrage amongst the public and government officials.

Prime Minister Iurie Leance has instructed Moldovan healthcare minister Andrei Ustatii, who told a TV station while the use of household tools is allowed in certain cases, this hospital had adequate specialized equipment.

"The hospital had been given three new drilling machines, I don't understand why they had to use a construction drill," he said. Even so he told Euronews,  “From a medical point of view, providing that all conditions of sterilisation and safety are observed, any drill can be used for giving a rotational motion to the drill bit which pierces the bone.”

Nicolae Curca, a doctor at the hospital, told Euronews, “We’ve used this drill for decades and all our hopes of getting medical equipment to work with have ended without success.”

Nicolae Starciuc, head physician at the hospital, told local media he suspected disgruntled doctors had leaked the video to discredit him, according to the report.

Sources: ABC News, Euronews


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