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Video: Stunt Drivers Close Down California Highway I-880 by Doing Donuts

A group of amateur stunt drivers shut down the I-880 freeway near Oakland, California by doing donuts and tricks in the middle of the highway.

YouTube videos (below) show several cars driving in circles with traffic stopped behind them, reports the Associated Press.

The stunt began at around 4 p.m. on Saturday and lasted for a few minutes. An unidentified man started shouting “Five-O” as police arrived and the cars all sped off.

CHP spokeswoman Diana McDermott told the Associated Press: “It was like something out of a video game. It is extremely reckless driving. In no way are our freeway systems designed for this” (which, no doubt, all the drivers are well aware of).

Oakland police also recorded 18 calls and incidents separate from the I-880 incident, Sgt. Chris Bolton wrote in an email to The calls came from both West and East Oakland and included one report of 50 to 60 cars parading down city streets.


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