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Video: Student Michael Rudi Denied Asthma Inhaler by School Nurse

17-year-old Michael Rudi, a student at Delton High School, near Orlando, Florida, nearly died last week after a school nurse refused to give him a doctor-prescribed asthma inhaler, even after he passed out from lack of oxygen.

Rudi told an Orlando news station on Monday (video below) that as he lost consciousness in the nurse’s office, she closed the door on him.

The nurse, who was not named, was apparently following the school's 'zero tolerance' drug policy, even though Rudi’s name appeared on a prescription for the inhaler.

At Delton High School, students are not allowed to possess prescription drugs, so a release form signed by parents is required by school officials before medicine can be given, which Rudi’s parents had not done.

Even though the nurse refused to give Rudi his inhaler, she could have called 911, but she didn’t, and now Rudi’s mother wants to press charges for child endangerment.


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