Video: SNL’s Darrell Hammond Reveals Child Abuse, Drug Addiction

Funnyman Darrell Hammond is opening up about dark secrets of his past abuse which led to him turning to drugs and alcohol in his disturbing new memoir (video below).

The former Saturday Night Live star seems to be the epitome of the sad clown and details his childhood and addictions in his book “God, If You’re Not Up There, I’m F**ked”.

In an excerpt, Hammond writes, “I kept a pint of Remy (Martin cognac) in my desk at work. The drinking calmed my nerves and quieted the disturbing images that sprang into my head… when drinking didn’t work, I cut myself.”

In 1998, Darrell was in such bad shape that he was hospitalized in NewYork after being taken from the NBC studio in a straitjacket.

Hammond’s addictions just went from bad to worse in 2002, when he added cocaine to his binges.

He writes, “I’d started adding an obscene amount of cocaine to my binges… I had to be creative about how I did it without other people catching or letting it interfere with the work. At least too much.”

Hammond had treatment in rehab in but relapsed in 2009 when he had the “brilliant idea” to try crack. He even hung out at a crack house in New York City before finally getting clean.

In an interview with CNN, Darrell talks about being abused by his mother.

“I was a victim of systematic and lengthy brutality,” Darrell stated. “My mom did some things which have cost me dearly.”


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