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Video Shows Ohio Disabled Woman Who Was Held Captive Beating Her Child

Ohio authorities have released a haunting video documenting a mentally handicapped mom being held hostage beating her young daughter.

The woman, according to authorities, was held hostage in a basement by Jordie Callahan, 26, Jessica Hunt, 31, Daniel Brown, 33, and Dezerah Silsby, 21, in their Ashland, Ohio, home for more than a year. According to the 29-year-old victim, her captors blackmailed her into beating her child so that they would have something to use against her if she ever went to the authorities.

In the video, the mom repeatedly slaps her child in the face and on the rear as the child cries in pain. The video was showed to police by Callahan, who claimed that the woman did not know she was being videoed, and beat the child out of anger.

Callahan’s lawyer goes even further to allege that the victim, who has the mental capacity of a 13 year old because of a brain injury, was not held captive but chose to live with the group.

"It was clear in my discussions that they were never forced," said defense lawyer, Andy Hyde, to CNN. "This group were all friends. There are photographs ... them all drinking beer together, laughing, joking on a couch. Traveling to other places together. They moved to several different residences together."

Callahan’s mother even claims she paid the group a couple hundred dollars per month in rent.

But the prosecutors allege she lived as a prisoner in a locked basement guarded by pit bulls and pythons. They also claim the victim was beaten and forced to eat dog food and do the groups’ shopping and cleaning, all the while the group cashed in her government disability checks to pay for their pain killer addictions.

The victim was discovered in October when she was caught shoplifting a candy bar from a grocery store. She and he daughter have been in police protective custody since her discovery.

The four have been charged with kidnapping, forced labor and extortion. Callahan faces additional charges involving weapons and witness tampering charges.

Warning: Video contains disturbing footage.

Sources: New York Daily News, CNN


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