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Video: Shirley Brown Becomes Hysterical After Learning She'll be a Grandma

Shirley Brown went ballistic after finding out that she was going to become a grandmother for the first time at age 60.

A video (below) of the her screaming and crying "we're having a baby!" has gone viral on the web, reports the Daily Mail.

Brown learned of the good news after unwrapping a Christmas present that revealed her daughter Jocelyn was pregnant.

The video already has 130,000 views on YouTube.

Jocelyn, and her husband Dave, of Nova Scotia, Canada, gave each member of their family individually wrapped baby blocks, which spelled out 'BABY,' and had them open the presents at the same time.

Brown thought the little box was jewelry, but instead found a block with the letter 'b.'

Brown told CTV's Canada AM: "It was a complete shock, they really got us good. I have been waiting about ten years for this. It is something I have always wanted. My siblings have grandchildren, but my girls were just a little slow getting off the start."

Brown didn't realize she was being filmed because it was recorded on a cell phone: "There were all sorts of emotions. I tried to keep thinking I was making a few people happy when I was really thinking I would like to crawl in bed and cover my head. It's little embarrassing, but it's great news."


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