Video: Security Guard Tases Mom in Front of Her Children

A woman was recently tased by a security guard after she and her children taunted and threatened him outside the 5 Points Plaza shopping mall in Atlanta, Georgia.

A five-minute video (below) shows the security guard chastising some kids for making noise outside the mall, reports the Daily Mail.

The mother starts yelling profanities and threatening the security guard: "Don’t yell at my motherf***ing kids! You’ll get beat!"

The security guard repeatedly tells them to “Back it up! You better back it up!'

At that point, the children call the security guard racist and gay slurs.

At around three minutes into the video, woman rushes the security guard and takes a swing at him.

The security guard pulls out his taser and shoots the woman, who goes stiff on her feet before falling to the ground.

Seeing their mother twitching on the ground, the children's behavior quickly changes from nasty taunts to cries and screams.


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