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Video: Santa Claus Passes Out Clean Needles for Christmas

CitiWide Harm Reduction, a needle-exchange program in the South Bronx in New York City, recently produced a video (below), in which a man dressed as Santa Claus gives a clean needle to a drug addict who is scouring the streets for used needles.

The video then shifts to CitiWide Harm Reduction's headquarters where Santa waves a pack of condoms and dances with clinic workers.

The video says that CitiWide Harm Reduction has played a key role in bringing down HIV rates among local drug users from 54 percent to four percent.

The charity's YouTube page states that it "offers a 7-day, all-day safe space where 3,000 adult program participants annually can access healthy meals, showers, laundry, counseling and education, rapid HIV and hepatitis C testing, support groups, health care, housing placement, drug-treatment placement, job referral and more."


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