Video: San Francisco Police Sgt. Carl T Brags About Driving Drunk at 100 MPH


San Francisco Police Sgt. Carl T (who changed his name from Tennenbaum) posted a video on his Facebook page on September 9, where he bragged about driving a Lamborghini through a tunnel at 100 mph with 10 people in the car, while drunk.

Sgt. T wrote on his Facebook page (which is now shut down): "100 Miles per hour in the Lambo... it's roomier than you think, plus we were all drunk," reports the Daily Mail.

Gary Delagnes, the head of the San Francisco Police Officers Association, told the San Francisco Weekly: "This would be on a case by case basis. If in fact it was an off-duty police officer driving the vehicle the chief of police would have to make a determination of whether or not discipline is appropriate."

A spokesman for the San Francisco Police Department said the video is under review by the Internal Affairs Department.

Sgt. T told the San Francisco Weekly that he was the third person sandwiched into the Lamborghini, which was rented by a friend.

Sgt. T denied they were going 100 mph and said: "There was no drunkenness. I've done some crazy stuff, but I'm not that stupid."


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