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Video: Ron Paul Says Drug War is Racist

He may not be saying it now, but when Ron Paul was running for president in 1988, he claimed the war on drugs was inherently racist.

In a speech to NORML, the then-Libertarian Party presidential nominee said doctors lobbied for drug laws, giving them a monopoly on providing drugs. Paul also got into the racial aspects of the laws.

"And you know there’s a pretty good case made that this same concept was built in with racism as well. We do know that opium was used by the Chinese and the Chinese were not welcomed in this country,” Paul said. “We do know that the blacks at times use heroin, opium and the laws have been used against them. There have been times that it has been recognized that the Latin Americans use marijuana and the laws have been written against them. But lo and behold the drug that inebriates most of the members of Congress has not been touched because they're up there drinking alcohol.”


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