Video Review: Cooking 360-Style

Oh, we’re getting crazy up in here! Ya’ll told us you wanted more cooking posts and behind-the-scenes stuff, so here she blows—a cooking video post!

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Taken straight up in my kitchen (who wants to come redo my cabinets???), this vlog shows my in-real-time experience cooking broccoli with the 360 Cookware line, which uses “Vapor Technology” that allows you to cook foods at a low to medium heat evenly from all sides, without having to add excess water or fat. As you’ll see, I’m no pro at vapor or waterless cooking—thankfully the process is pretty idiot proof!

Can’t see the video? Click here to watch Jenn muddle through waterless cooking!

Now this cookware isn’t cheap. The saute pan I use in the video goes for $310 (the set shown above goes for $710!), but it also has a lifetime guarantee, is green, is made in the U. S. of A. and allows you to eat healthier foods with more of their natural flavor and nutrients. If you’re a super-cooking foodie, it’s worth the price—and the company swears you can pass it down to your kids…and their kids…and their kids. Much better than that nonstick stuff that flakes off. Eww. And cleanup was pretty easy.

Anyone else tried 360 Cookware or a waterless-cooking type product? What did you think of it? And, really, what should I make next? —Jenn


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