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Video: Rashad Greene Attacks Ex-Girlfriend in Courtroom

Rashad Greene assaulted his ex-girlfriend in a courtroom while she was seeking a restraining order against him. Courtroom surveillance cameras caught the attack on video (below).

Greene was left alone with his grandmother and 28-year-old ex-girlfriend after Judge Tracy Stoner briefly left the Summit County courtroom in Akron, Ohio on Friday.

The unidentified ex-girlfriend applied for a restraining order against Greene, whom she said threatened and abused her on January 16, reports the Akron-Beacon Journal.

After Judge Stoner leaves the courtroom, Greene can be seen yelling at his ex-girlfriend. Greene lunges towards her as she tries to run away.

When Greene's grandmother tries to get in between the couple, Greene pushes her out of the way, grabs his ex-girlfriend and throws her to the floor.

Moments later, a police officer cuffs on Greene, who was arrested for domestic violence and booked into the county jail.

The ex-girlfriend told the Akron-Beacon Journal: "I went there, I told [the judge] I was in fear for my life and that I had children to take care of. Once the judge walked out, I was in fear. I thought he was about to kill me. … I was just thinking about my life and [how] I wanted to go home with my children."


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