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New York Mom Amie Loughrey Encourages 15-Year-Old Daughter to Fight Bullies (Video)

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A video has started circulating online showing a 40-year-old New York mother egging on her 15-year-old daughter to fight a group of bullies.

The video posted to Facebook on Monday shows the mother, Amie Loughrey of Usewego, encouraging her daughter Dallas as she approaches a small group of teens that have been bullying the 15-year-old. As the teen approaches the group with her mom’s encouragement, one of the girls in the group repeats “I’m not fighting you!” Dallas then starts punching and kicking the girl, eventually pulling her to the ground by her hair.

“Yes, get her Dallas. Get her f***ing a**,” a woman is heard yelling off camera.

Tuesday, Loughrey posted a defense of her actions on Facebook.

“I just got out of jail for endangering the welfare of a child and harassment in the 2nd for letting my 15 year old daughter defend her self against 12 to 15 teenage girls her age and big josh.... Who came to MY house NOT ONCE BUT 3 TIMES!' she wrote.

Loughrey explained, in her best English, that the group of teens had banged on her windows multiple times in the middle of the night trying to instigate their own fight.

“The last time i had family at my house for my grandaughters 3rd birthday party and ur dam right i stood by and made sure 12 girls diid not jump my daughter while THEY took video witch [sic] ended up prooving my inocents, she whooped that istagating lil b****es a**!”

The mother continues her rant, explaining ‘you best belive I am 100% right in what I did’ and threatens to take the case to superior court.

Loughrey has been charged by authorities with endangering the welfare of a child and second-degree harassment and is scheduled to appear in court March 28. 

Source: Daily Mail


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