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Video: Police Shoot Man and Mother After High-Speed Chase Over Traffic Violation

An unidentified man and his mother are in serious condition after being shot by five police officers in Pittsburgh early Sunday morning (video below).

The incident started around 1:30 a.m. when the man ran a red light with his mother in the car. Police then followed the car and chased the man at high speeds.

The man, who was wanted on traffic violations in Georgia, drove at high speeds and hit numerous parked cars along the way, reports CBS Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh Police Chief Nate Harper said police officers used road spikes to slow down the car, but the driver was able to avoid them. Police officers called off the chase twice by backing off, in hopes that the driver would slow down or abandon the car.

The chase eventually stopped when five off-duty officers working security at some nearby bars shot at the car, which had slammed into a parked car.

The driver and the mother were both hit by bullets. Both were transported to the hospital and are in serious condition.

One witness said he saw police officers shoot the driver through the window of the car after it crashed and claims that the police offciers never told the driver to put his hands up or step out of the car.

The witness told CBS Pittsburgh:  “And I looked and a police officer had ran and jumped right on top of a car and fired into the window of the vehicle that had just crashed four times, it was pop, pop, pop, pop and after that it was dead silence.”

“All of a sudden, the cops came over, pushed everyone out of the way. There was lights, sirens coming from both directions. It was craziness, something I’d never seen before.”


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