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Video: Police Officer Disraeli Arnold Suspended After Kneeing Teen Andrew Pope in Head

Police Officer Disraeli Arnold has been suspended after a cell phone video (below) showed him kneeing a teen, Andrew Pope, in the back of the head in Hurst, Texas.

Assistant Chief of Police Steve Niekamp told KXAS-TV: “You can’t help but be embarrassed, not only for the officers that work in our department, but for anybody in the law enforcement profession."

"You just expect when an officer shows up, they’re going to be in charge. You don’t want the foul language, anything that looks like it might be overreaction. You just want to be professional, calm and in control of the scene.”

Andrew Pope was struggling with Police Officer Miguel Jiminez, who was trying to arrest him on a warrant last week. That’s when Officer Arnold came rushing into the scene and kneed the teen.

Andrew Pope's mom Kelly Pope told KXAS-TV: “He knows that he handled it badly at first, that he should have been a little more cooperative. But, you know, the second officer, there was no reason for it.”

“He comes up at a jolting sprint, kneed him in the back of the head and, as you can see on the video, he says, ‘If you move I’m going to f*cking kill you.'"

As Andrew Pope is being escorted to the police car, Officer Arnold tells the camera person: “You got it on tape?” Arnold, [badge number] 654!”


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