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Video: Photographer R. Umar Abbasi Defends Taking New York Subway Death Picture

Freelance photographer R. Umar Abbasi, who photographed Ki-Suk Han after he had been pushed onto the tracks at a NYC subway station for the New York Post, defended his decision on the 'Today' show on Wednesday (video below), reports

Abbasi said: “If this thing happened again, with the same circumstances, whether I had a camera or not and I was running towards it, there was no way I could have rescued Mr. Han. What really surprises me is, the people who were maybe 100 feet, or 150 feet away from Mr. Han, they did not reach out to help him.”

“What surprised me is, there were so many cellular telephones that were taking video of a dead body while the doctor was trying to perform CPR.”

Abbasi’s photographs were criticized by many, including 'Today' show meteorologist Al Roker who said yesterday: “Somebody’s taking that picture. Why aren’t they helping this guy up?”


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