Video: Norma Stitz Has World's Largest Breasts at Size 102ZZZ

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Annie Hawkins Turner, who goes by the name Norma Stitz professionally, has the largest breasts in the world at size 102ZZZ!

She suffers from gigantomastia, which is a progressive growth of breast and fat tissue, causing her boobs to weigh almost 85 pounds!

Annie, who had to start wearing a bra in third grade, claims she has had to hire security to defend her from unwanted suitors.

The 53-year-old from Atlanta, Georgia told TLC’s Strange Sex that she is a celebrity due to her Guinness World Record-breaking breasts.

She said, “No one looks like me, I’m one in a million. [I'm] always imitated but never duplicated. I do have security because people chase me.”

Many of us first heard of Norma Stitz, aka Annie Hawkins Turner, when she appeared on Tosh.0, where comedian Daniel Tosh motorboated the giant-breasted woman.

Here’s Norma on Tosh.0 (NSFW: Please note the nauseated expression on Tosh’s face):


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