Video: No Sentence Too Great for 6 Attackers of Helpless Illinois Teen

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Today I witnessed the most savage teen beating I have ever seen. Six teenagers in Bridgeport, IL delivered a punishing flurry of punches, kicks, and blows to a 17-year-old Chinese-American student.

As the victim lay on the ground, bloody, defenseless and in shock, the attackers continued to beat him relentlessly, kicking him repeatedly in his face, grabbing his hands, so that they could use his own shoes to strike his face. At one moment, the victim attempts to stand up and negotiate for mercy, asking for the attackers to stop, but his plea falls upon deaf ears.  

The attackers once again begin to beat the victim, wrestling him down to the ground again, stealing his wallet and nearly $200 in cash. The beating lasts a full three minutes until the victim is finally able to run away. They never deliberately let him go, never showing a trace of empathy.

Perhaps the attackers will be charged (they have not been yet), and perhaps they may see some time within a juvenile detention center, maybe even prison. We will wait and see how the State of Illinois chooses how to handle the situation.

But the victim now carries with him the most heightened sense of violation for the rest of his life. He will carry with him the sense of powerlessness, the loss of control, and the personal violation -- both emotionally and physically.  

I would expect it's a terrible burden, a very deep-seeded emotional pain that will likely remain unhealed for the rest of his life. His parents, family, and friends may also feel a large sense of this same violation for the rest of their years.  

No matter what sentences these attackers face, no jail time will ever bring the victim and his family the sense of security they had last week. Quite simply, these six sub-human attackers impeded on the victim's right to Life, Liberty and his Pursuit of Happiness. It is a crime for which no sentence will be too great.

I sit here, nauseous to my stomach, thinking about the years of pain these three minutes have created.  My sympathies go to the victim and his family.


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