Video: Nicole Delien has Kleine-Levin Syndrome, Sleeps 18-19 Hours a Day


Nicole Delien, 17, suffers from a rare sleeping disorder that causes her to sleep 18-19 hours a day (video below).

Delien has Kleine-Levin Syndrome, which also leaves her in a foggy sleepwalking state when awake. About 1,000 people suffer from this malady, reports NY Daily News.

Nicole mother, Vicki Delien, told the Chartiers Valley Patch: "She's never really adjusted to it. She's 17 now and it really upsets her. She's missed out on a lot."

“She's just a normal kid. She's a very happy, bubbly teenage girl who enjoys everything and tries to be happy. When she goes into an episode it just tears everything apart."

Nicole has even slept from 32 to 64 days continuously, including one sleeping spell that lasted from Thanksgiving until after Christmas.

Kleine-Levin Syndrome usually happens in adolescence and causes the person to become very drowsy. He or she wakes only to eat or go to the bathroom.

The Kleine-Levin Syndrome Foundation website states: "When awake, the patient’s whole demeanor is changed, often appearing spacey or childlike. The patient experiences confusion, disorientation, complete lack of energy, and lack of emotions."

Nicole takes medicine to cut down on the number of sleeping episodes, but as of now there is no cure.


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