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Video: New Mom Lana Kuykendall Battles Flesh-Eating Bacteria

In Greenville, South Carolina, Lana Kuykendall has become a victim of flesh-eating bacteria (video below).

This news comes a few days after Aimee Copeland lost her leg, hand and part of her abdomen to flesh-eating bacteria, as reported by Opposing Views.

Kuykendall had given birth to twins in Atlanta on May 7, but is now in the Greenville Memorial Hospital. Doctors don't know how she got the disease, but it usually happens through an open wound. She did have blood infused into her body while giiving birth.

Fortunately, Kuykendall is a paramedic, so when a rapidly spreading red and black bruise appeared on the back of her leg after she gave birth to twins, she knew something was wrong.

The next day, she couldn't stand or walk. When tests revealed nothing wrong, Kuykendall returned home last Thursday.

By Friday morning, however, Kuykendall discovered the strange lesion on the back of her left leg.

Her husband Darren Kuykendall told WYFF-TV. "She thought it was a blood clot. So we rushed immediately to Greenville Memorial Hospital."

"It's devastating, very devastating, very overwhelming probably the worst thing I've ever done in my entire life."

Krissy Davison, a friend of Kuykendall, told WLTX-TV: "Right now, just very worried, very upset. Still in disbelief that here is my friend, who just had these two beautiful babies, and now she is incubated upstairs, and not able to enjoy the bonding experience, and enjoy the babies."


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