Video: Nevada Cops Beat Man Who Was in Diabetic Shock


A Las Vegas man has won a lawsuit against police officers who beat him while he was in diabetic shock -- a beating captured on videotape.

The Daily Mail reports police pulled over Adam Greene early one morning in October 2010 because his car was weaving. Greene said he was driving that way because he was a diabetic and was in shock.

Nevada State Troopers and Henderson police dragged him out of the car at gunpoint and threw him to the ground. While four officers restrained him and yelled "stop resisting," a fifth walked over and kicked Greene in the head several times. Then they found the insulin in his pocket and realized what was going on.

"He's a diabetic. He's probably in shock, semi-conscious," an officer said on his radio.

One of the officers later realized the dashboard cam was one, "It's on camera," he said.

Another officer responded, "They don't know you. I wouldn't worry about it."

The Las Vegas Sun reports the city of Henderson will pay Greene $158,000, and Nevada will pay an additional $30,000.

Here is the video. Be advised there is some graphic language: 

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