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Video: Motivational Speaker Larry Winget Slams "Stupid Parents" Who Take Kids to Yoga Classes

Appearing on 'Fox & Friends' this morning, motivational speaker Larry Winget slammed “stupid parents” who are taking their children to yoga classes (video below), reports

Winget said: "I don’t want all those yoga Nazis coming after me on this thing. Listen, I think [yoga is] a great supplement to a real sport, but it’s certainly not a sport... Listen, if nobody’s keeping score, it’s ain’t a sport."

Winget added: “You know, that’s just stupid parents. Sports teach us winning and losing, and life is about winning and losing. It’s competitive. And we need to teach those things at a very young age with a real sport. And a sport usually involves a ball of some type.”

“I think it is a trend that is the wussification of American. Luckily, I’ve got a new book coming out this fall called ‘Grow a Pair’ that deals with that very thing, that we need to toughen up and stand up for ourselves and learn to be a lot tougher, than yoga’s going to teach us to do, all by ourselves."


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