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Video: Mom Amber Gutierrez Arrested for Beating her Daughter's 12-Year-Old Rival

Amber Gutierrez has been arrested after she allegedly beat up an unidentified 12-year-old girl who wanted to fight her daughter after classes at Dana Middle School in San Pedro, California (video below).

Gutierrez surrendered to police after cell phone footage surfaced on YouTube showing her attacking the young girl in an alley, reports KTLA-TV.

The video shows Gutierrez dragging the young girl on the ground and punching her in an attack that left the child with a broken arm.

Gutierrez's unidentified daughter is also seen hitting the girl, who is pinned down by Gutierrez's sister.

Kids are seen standing by, with some filming the altercation on their mobile phones. Racial slurs against the girl, who is African American, can be heard on the video.

Gutierrez is charged with felony assault and is being held on $100,000 bond. If convicted, she faces seven years in jail.

Los Angeles Police Department Officer Christopher No said that police are still looking for Gutierrez's sister: "We're still looking for the aunt. Whatever charges she faces, detectives will determine after the investigation. But we've got to first of all find her."


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