Video: Metta World Peace Becomes Metta Man

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Los Angeles Laker basketball player 'Metta World Peace' becomes 'Metta Man' in a new public service announcement for Limelight Mental Health (video below).

In the PSA, Metta World Peace says: "I may do some wild stunts at times, but there's something I'm really serious about... mental health."

It's more than a bit ironic that Metta World Peace is doing a PSA for mental health, following his infamous elbow blow to Oklahoma City guard James Harden and admitting that talk therapy doesn't cure his own mental health problems.

But that doesn't slow down Metta Man, who skateboards, does acrobatic flips and dunks basketballs, all for the cause of mental health.

If you have difficulty controlling anxiety or have to deal with multiple types of anxiety, please watch the video below and go to this web site.


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