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Video: Mckenna Pope, 13, Petitions Hasbro to Add Boys to Easy-Bake Oven Ads

Mckenna Pope, 13, has created a video (below) and started an online petition at asking Hasboro, which manufactures the Easy-Bake Oven, to start using boys in their ads, so that her little brother will understand it's okay for him to cook, reports

In her petition, which has 17,500 signatures so far, Pope writes:

Boys are not featured in  packaging or promotional materials for Easy Bake Ovens -- this toy my brother's always dreamed about. And the oven comes in gender-specific hues: purple and pink. I feel that this sends a clear message: women cook, men work.

... I want my brother to know that it's not "wrong" for him to want to be a chef, that it's okay to go against what society believes to be appropriate. There are, as a matter of fact, a multitude of very talented and successful male culinary geniuses, i.e. Emeril, Gordon Ramsey, etc. Unfortunately, Hasbro has made going against the societal norm that girls are the ones in the kitchen even more difficult.


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