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Video: Massachusetts School Wants Free Condoms for 12 Year Olds

In Springfield, Massachusetts, the Springfield School Committee has given initial approval to a policy that would make free condoms available to students as young as 12 (video below).

Last Thursday night, the committee voted 5-1 in favor of a 'Comprehensive Reproductive Health Policy' to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. The policy also includes a provision for student counselling on abstinence.

While some parents will disagree with the idea, the policy will allow them "to deny permission (opt out) for access to condoms for their students."

The Daily Mail reports that the policy still needs one more vote for final approval, but a majority of the committee plans on voting for it again.

Vice-Chairman Christoper Collins said: "Part of it talks about abstinence, it talks about all the responsibility that goes along with it and it's actually decreasing the amount of sexual activity in young children."

Committee member Peter Murphy was the lone vote against the policy: "They should not be sexually active at age 12, age 13. It's inappropriate and in fact, it's illegal."


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