Video: 'Maggot Sandwich' is a Hit at Colorado State Fair


Jungle George's Exotic Meats and Bugs' owner Rodney Wright is known for introducing wacky food at various state fairs, but this time he may have gone too far with his 'maggot sandwich' (video below).

Wright decided to debut his unusual sandwich at a state fair in Fresno, California, but it was his appearance at the Colorado State Fair in Pueblo that went viral on the web. The maggot chef claims to have sold 23 thousand maggots to hungry folks.

This is actually not a new dish. People have been eating maggots for centuries. The critters are harmless, packed with protein and actually USDA approved. The chef says he grows the maggots on a farm in California and was fully sober when he came up with the idea.

Discovery Channel's ‘Man vs. Wild’ host Bear Grylls has proudly proclaimed his fondness for eating maggots and drinking his own urine in survival situations. He told “'Three words: 'Never give up.' All of survival comes down to that. The people who really survive are never the people who have all the knowledge. It's about how much you really want to make it out of there. Ultimately, it's about heart.''


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