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Video: LaRue Ford Spends 11 Days in Jail for Cursing

LaRue Ford was released from the Berrien County Jail in Niles, Michigan on Friday after being locked up for 11 days for cursing inside a county clerk's office.

Ford told WOOD-TV:  “It wasn’t necessary, it wasn’t even necessary to put me through all this. I know this is just the beginning.”

Ford admits cursing, but said it was to herself as she left the clerk's office frustrated over trying to clear up an old traffic ticket on Dec. 18, reports WOOD-TV.

District Court Judge Dennis Wiley ordered that Ford be arrested and put in jail on a $5,000 bond.

American Civil Liberties Union lawyer John Targowski filed an appeal on her behalf, which was upheld by Circuit Judge Alfred Butzbaugh who reduced her bond to $500, enabling Ford to go free.


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