Former police officer Ken Olsen was recently chased by an unidentified man in a black car in an extreme case of road rage in Brisbane, Australia.

Olsen's dashcam recorded the entire bizarre chase (video below), which lasted about 10 minutes and ended with the crazed driver leaping onto the hood of Olsen's car and pounding the car windshield until it broke.

The video aired on Australia’s 'Today Tonight' show, resulting in the driver contacting police in Brisbane to turn himself in, reports the Daily Mail.

Olsen said: "This man was absolutely crazy. I feared for my life. I had to go onto the footpath and went over traffic islands with him in pursuit. I got around a traffic island, then he crunched into the side of me, so I had to go onto another footpath to get away from him."

"He’d crashed into my vehicle so many times I was convinced it was going to stop going. And I thought once my vehicle is not going, I have no protection, this bloke is going to kill me."

Finally, Olsen drove away and headed for a police station, leaving the man lying in the road after he had fallen from the hood: "This has shaken me. It’s something that you don’t expect and it’s something that’s very difficult to deal with. How do you deal with somebody trying to, what I think, trying to kill you on the road? I’m struggling."


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