Video: Justin Bieber Falls Down Stairs, Knocked Unconscious

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Sound the alarms! Teenage crooner Justin Bieber hurt his head.

According to reports from Bieber’s recent sold out show in Paris, the young singer fell down a flight of stairs during the show and slammed his head into a glass wall. OV has now obtained a scary video that corroborates this account.

Fans got a glimpse of the pop star’s injuries in his recent NBC special “Justin Bieber: All Around the World.” According to the documentary, Bieber sustained a concussion as a result of the fall.

“It really hurt and I felt a little light-headed, but my adrenaline, I feel, pushed me through it and I performed the last song,” the Bieb told TMZ. “After that I went backstage and immediately felt a little weak.”

What a brave little fella.

See the video of his spill below:

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