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Video: Jon Stewart Rips Bloomberg Beverage Ban

On last night's Daily Show With Jon Stewart, the irreverent host spent his entire first segment pillorying New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's plan to ban large, sugary drinks from the five boroughs.

Nearly every political commentator from the blogosphere/cable news world has expressed an opinion on the local story gone national, and those opinions have been overwhelmingly skeptical. The most interesting part of the discussion to watch was the way both liberal and conservative pundits seemed to agree that the initiative was foolish.

Conservatives cried out for personal liberty, and even some of the staunchest progressives had to agree that the proposed measure went a little bit too far and was unlikely to have the desired effect. It's possible that many of the partisan voices on the Democratic side felt comfortable criticizing the left-leaning mayor because he was originally elected as a Republican (he is now an Independent).

Stewart mocked the initiative as simultaneously tyrannical and ineffective. He even called back to the joke during a later segment when correspondent Wyatt Cenac pulled out a 7/11 big gulp during a piece about Russian villainy.

See the recap below:


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