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Video: John Copeland, 85, Charged for Assault With a Deadly Weapon, His Cane

John Copeland, 85, was locked in a Denver, Colorado jail on Wednesday night and charged with a felony assault with a deadly weapon, his cane (video below).

He said that a security person at a Home Depot took an expired handicapped parking placard out of his car. However, the man was actually a volunteer Denver police officer who enforces handicapped parking violations for the city, reports FOX31.

John Copeland's son Larry Copeland told FOX31: “This guy grabbed him. So that’s why he struck him with his cane, because he thought he was being attacked."

"Last night at about 12 o’clock AM, they sent about three policemen to the house to arrest my father. My father was in bed, in pain, sick, and they took him to jail.”

John Copeland is nearly deaf and told the judge that he couldn’t hear when the judge ordered the senior jailed on a $50,000 bond and charged him with a felony assault with a deadly weapon.

John Copeland spoke to FOX31 Denver from jail on Thursday. “[The police officer] never identified himself or nothing. And then I opened the door, I had my walkin’ cane, and I got out and I went to grab my parking thing from him. He slammed the door on me, and I took my cane and hit him."


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