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Video: Jessi Slaughter Speaks Out on Internet Bullying

Notorious tween YouTube phenomenon Jessi Slaughter, along with her parents, spoke out on Good Morning America about their ordeal at the hands of Internet bullies.

11-year-old Slaughter, real name Jessica Leonhardt, said of her profanity-peppered videos, "I had no words running through my mind. It was all done live. That was just a way to get out my anger." She was mad, she says, because people on StickyDrama, the website she frequented, were posting lies about her sexual history. She never expected her videos to prompt a barrage of death threats, Internet pranks, and calls to police.

Slaughter's father, Gene Leonhardt, recorded a memorable YouTube rant of his own, in which he sat behind his sobbing daughter and shouted to camera, "You're a bunch of lying, no-good punks, and I know who it is, because I've back-traced it!" He also said "You dun goof'd," and "The consequences will never be the same!"

Gene told GMA, "I was just trying to support my daughter and get people to stop hating." His defense of Jessi, however, only intensified the Internet mockery and cruelty, from dance remixes of his angry words to truly serious allegations. "Online people were accusing me of molesting my daughter."

Jessi Slaughter is about to enter counseling. Police are still investigating the allegations of cyberbullying.

See the GMA video here.


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