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Video: Janet Jackson Talks About Feeling Fat

Janet Jackson, 45, is the latest celebrity to put her name behind the NutriSystemweight lossprogram. Having struggled with her weight her entire life, (and being criticized for it) it was time to make a change:

“It’s a matter of maintenance and keeping the weight off,” she said. “My success plan was to feel good about myself and be healthy.”

The teasing started early on in her life with brother Michael Jackson telling her she had a big butt:

“Being the baby of the family, you get teased,” she said. “I carried that through my adult life.”

She realizes it was not mean-spirited because she is the baby of the family and got teased all the time, but women tend to latch on to those things, don't we?

When she joined the cast of Good Times, in the second season she was  told to lose weight. At age 11!!!!! During her life she sought comfort in foods that only contributed to her poor body image: ice cream, cookies, and potato chips. We can all relate to eating those types of foods can't we?

Check out the video below where she talks to ABC about her body image struggles (she had them even when she had her rock-hard abs), her beloved brother Michael and the Conrad Murray trial.

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