Video: James Piles Calmly Recounts Losing Leg to Train


An Oregon man is recovering in a hospital after being hit by a train and losing a leg. Not only did he live to tell the tale, he is telling the tale calmly and without bitterness. reports that James Piles spent a few days at the annual Rainbow Gathering in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest in Washington state when he was walking near train tracks in Portland on his way home on Monday.

A locomotive came up from behind him, hitting his duffel bag and thowing him under the train. The wheels severed his leg.

He was rushed to a hospital where doctors were able to save his life, but not the leg. At a very calm news conference the next day, Piles joked that he would need a "peg leg" to get around.

"There's not much you can do but be positive about it," Piles said. "Once I get healed up and am able to I will travel harder but I won't jump on trains."

Check out the video of his news conference:


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