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Video: Husband Finds Wife's Online Dating Profile, Drops Horse Manure into her Car

A scorned husband got revenge on his wife Becky Jones by dumping horse manure into her convertible after discovering that she had a profile on, a dating website for people looking for love in rural Britain.

He filmed the incident and placed it on YouTube (video below), reports the Daily Mail.

Apparently Jones accidentally left her online dating profile open on their computer and her unidentified husband found it. Her profile said that she has been married for five years, but that her husband is "a complete idiot" and "completely crazy."

Jones said that she only loved two things, her car and her horse.

In retaliation, her husband picked up a load of manure, maybe from her horse, opened up the roof of her convertible car and dumped it in.

On the video, the husband says: "Unfortunately for you, I have the keys to your lovely convertible Peugeot. Let's see how crazy I am. So here you go, just about to get around to see the beautiful Peugeot. Happy Valentine’s Day. Okay. There you go, sweetheart."

It is not clear when the incident happened.

Nobody from was available for comment, prompting some to say that the site may have set up a publicity stunt.


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