Video: Human Skin Combined With Spider Silk Stops a Bullet

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Dutch artist Jalila Essaïdi has blended spider silk with human skin to produce a super-strong material that can stop a bullet traveling half its regular speed (video below). Essaïdi collaborated with cell biologist Abdoelwaheb El Ghalbzouri to produce the material which is three times stronger than Kevlar.

Essaïdi said: "The idea started in 2001, when I read an article from Dr. Randy Lewis who created transgenic goats and I really got inspired by that idea. He created spider silk to produce on a large scale for bulletproof vests, and I thought 'Why bother with bulletproof vest, why not create a bulletproof human instead?'"

Ghalbzouri added that a normal bullet proof vest has 33 layers of composite materials, but the spider silk-human skin combo has only four: "I think we can definitely hold a bullet, yeah, I am 100 percent sure about it. Next to skin, spider silk could be a very good scaffold for bone regeneration, cartilage, tendons, ligaments."


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