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Video: Hit-and-Run Suspect Michele Toussaint had Driver's License Suspended 52 Times

Michele Toussaint, a suspect in a hit-and-run incident over the weekend in Camden County, New Jersey, has had 52 driver’s license suspensions and 16 moving violations since getting her license in 1986, reports WCAU-TV (video below).

Police arrested Toussaint on Monday for driving on a suspended license in a hit-and-run car accident that put Catherine Calalang and Laurene Jiminez into the Cooper Medical Center on Saturday.

Jiminez suffered broken ribs, a punctured lung and head injuries. Calalang lost five of her teeth, but is in stable condition.

Calalang’s fiancee, Josh Llamas, told WCAU-TV:  “She’s traumatized. Every time she closes her eyes she sees the car.”

Police said they arrested Toussaint after stopping a car making an illegal turn and finding her in the passenger seat.

Toussaint told police that she was being taken by a relative to turn herself in. She was arrested and charged with causing injury while driving on a suspended license, endangering an injured victim, and leaving the scene of an accident. She is in jail on $62,500 bail.


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