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Video: High School Teacher Danita Wilson Arrested for Sex with Seven Students

Danita Wilson, a 32-year-old married teacher, has been arrested for having sex with seven of her students — ages 15 to 16 — over the past year.

She was recently charged with seven counts of alleged sexual assault on a child, and police say more charges could be brought.

Wilson has taught ninth grade math at Charlton High School in Folkston, Georgia since 2003. All the teen boys attend the school.

The mother of two was arrested after school received a tip about her multiple affairs.

Wilson turned herself in to police after being told that she was under investigation.

Charlton County Schools Superintendent John Lairsey said an investigation began on Monday after receiving a complaint about the teacher: "We received information within the school system. he main meetings continued on Tuesday. At that point, we got the sheriff's office and GBI involved, and [Wilson] was removed from class before lunch."

Lairsey said a hearing regarding Wilson's job would happen in ten days: "I will be recommending termination. We're just shocked and disappointed. And it's just hard to believe. Just disappointed and disheartened that people we put our trust in would violate that trust."


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