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Video: High School Bans Student Who Committed Suicide and Teen Mom from Appearing in Yearbook

Menahga High School, located in Menahga, Minnesota, is not going to include Kyle Kenyon, who committed suicide last January, in the school yearbook.

In response, 100 of Kenyon's classmates have signed a petition to get a memorial page dedicated to him, reports CBS Minnesota.

However, school superintendent Mary Klamm told WCCO-TV that she consulted with mental health experts and concluded: “It was recommended that we don’t do a memory page."

Peggy Havnes, Kenyon’s mother, told WCCO-TV: “The only way I can hold it together is with all the support we have. I do think we need to use it as a teaching tool, because if we can prevent any other family from going through this, then we’ve accomplished something."

Another person who is not going to appear in the school yearbook is teen mom Stephanie Myer, who wanted to take her photo with her child, Aubree.

As for Myer and her daughter, Klamm said: "We’re looking at different options. With modern technology it doesn’t have to happen tomorrow or within the next week.”


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