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Video: Gretchen Molannen, Suffered Continuous Sexual Arousal, Commits Suicide

Gretchen Molannen, who suffered from persistent genital arousal disorder, was found dead of suicide late Saturday at her parent's home in Spring Hill, Florida.

Hernando County Sheriff Deputies responded to a suicide call about midnight Saturday night, reports the Tampa Bay Times.

Persistent genital arousal disorder is a condition of continuous sexual arousal. Many women must masturbate for hours for a few minutes of relief. Molannen claimed that she once endured 50 orgasms in a row.

Molannen had persistent genital arousal disorder for 16 years. She tried to work, but was unable to keep a job after 1999.

She lived in Spring Hill, Florida with her parents (now deceased) and never told them what she was going through.

In 2007,  Molannen saw a woman talk about the condition on the TV show '20/20' and finally realized what she had.

Molannen tried to get help from medical professionals, but couldn't afford the tests or treatments.

She recently told the Tampa Bay Times: "I know that God wants more out of my life than having me testing out suicide methods, constantly crying and abusing myself."

Below is an interview that Molannen gave to the Tampa Bay Times.


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