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Video: Georgia School Board Member Angela Cornett Hits Teen with Car

Angela Cornett, a member of the Bartow County School Board in Georgia, reportedly struck Bartow County High School student Emily Gulledge with a white Lexus SUV last week (video below).

Gulledge was standing in the parking space at a Walmart in Cartersville, Georgia, to hold the space for her brother’s girlfriend, who recently had a baby, reports WFMY-TV.

Gulledge told WFMY-TV: "I figured she would have my best interest in mind. I figured she would watch out for my safety and she clearly did not. I feel like she let everybody down."

Attorney John Mroczko, who is representing Cornett, said: “Mrs. Cornett did not think that the girl was in the middle of the space and was blocking the space so she started to pull into the space [and] the girl walked into Mrs. Cornett’s car."

Sgt. Jonathan Rogers said: “You can’t tell close up how she was struck or exactly how hard she was struck. But you can see that she was standing there when the vehicle lurched forward and had to move out of the way quickly.”

Cornett resigned last Thursday, claiming “personal and family reasons” after being charged with reckless conduct.

While Gulledge was not seriously injured, police have said Cornett could face additional charges.


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