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Video: Gail Castle Robs Bank While Test Driving Car

Gail Castle recently told an 83-year-old man in Manteca, California that she wanted to buy his car, but wanted to do a test drive first (video below).

While on the test drive with the unidentified senior, Castle allegedly stopped at a Bank of America, went inside and robbed it, reports CBS Sacramento.

The elderly man told CBS Sacramento: “She kind of pulled the top of her purse open, like this and leaned it toward me and said, 'Well I got the money.'"

“When she came out of the bank, I didn’t know myself that she robbed the bank."

With $2,000 in cash, Castle jumped in the car and they drove off, but someone got the license plate number and called the police.

The senior citizen didn’t know he was behind the wheel of the accused bank robber’s getaway car until Castle said: “Don’t open the door, I got a gun.'"

Minutes later, near his home, police officers swarmed the car.

The elderly man recalled: “They had their guns drawn as soon as they got out of the door, automatic shotguns, pistols, rifles. I could have got killed right there. They could have shot me."

Thankfully, the police realized the elderly man was the victim and cuffed Castle.


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