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Video: Family Research Council Says Boy Scouts' Anti-Gay Policy Produces "Young Men who Make Good Citizens"

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins recently defended the Boy Scouts of America's ban against gay people by claiming that the Boy Scouts wanted "to produce young men who make good citizens."

Earlier this week, Perkins slammed UPS after it decided to stop funding the Boy Scouts over their anti-gay position, reports and

Perkins appeared on CNN on Friday to explain why the Family Research Council was now boycotting UPS (video below).

Perkins said: "Well, the Boy Scouts for over 100 years, as part of their moral code, has challenged boys to be straight and to be upstanding citizens. That’s their code, morally straight, that they not engage in sexual behavior, that they keep themselves morally conditioned and mentally sharp, and that’s been their code.”

“What have you is you have a few corporations, major corporations, who are saying, look, unless you abandon a century old value set, we’re not going to give you money. And the, some things don’t change with time. The Boy Scouts are one that have laid down a marker and said we will continue with what’s worked for our boys. We’re going to continue to produce young men who make good citizens."


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