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Video: Evangelist Lance Wallnau Claims God is Giving Christians "Technology That Can Heal Diabetes"

Evangelist Lance Wallnau recently announced on the Trinity Broadcasting Network that God is giving Christians "technology that can heal diabetes" and technology “that is going to revolutionize our dependence on oil and energy” (video below), reports

Wallnau said: "It's being given to Kingdom-minded believers. I know these people. They've been asked to sell it for billions of dollars. They've refused to do it because they're stewarding disruptive technology. There is technology now that can heal diabetes. literally heal diabetes, within a matter of months. Governments in the world are asking for it... Christians who incorruptible are being given keys to changing the world right now, they are not selling it."

Wallnau said the supposed diabetes cure could be shared with “top layers of the political elite” of the Chinese Communist Party in order to gain access to their government.


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