Video: Dr. Keith Albow Compares Chaz Bono to Heroin Addicts, Anorexics


Appearing on Fox's 'The O’Reilly Factor,' Dr. Keith Albow slammed Chaz Bono, the transgender child of Sonny and Cher, who is competing ABC's 'Dancing with the Stars.' Dr. Albow accused Bono of having a social agenda, and then compared him to anorexics and heroin addicts. (video below).

Dr. Albow told O'Reilly: "Mr. Bono is doing more than dancing, he is on a campaign to mainstream transgenderism. I have to care more about Americans’ kids as much as I do my own kids. People model their behavior after one another. We wouldn’t invite people with anorexia to go on fashion shows to talk about how wonderful they feel and that they want more liposuction."

He added: "This is an exact parallel. We have somebody who is not a man, asserting that he is a man. And the bottom line is that this can kindle people who are having trouble with their identity, adolescents, tomboys, boys who are effeminate into thinking, you know what, maybe I’m not those things, maybe I should go the whole way.”

When O’Reilly mentioned how the media would lead parents to influence their kids to see contrasting opinions from Albow’s assessment on Bono, the psychiatrist vehemently opposed that notion.

“Well Bill, if that’s what you want, open the gates,” Albow said. “Open up the DSM for our diagnostic manual and psychiatry, take the heroin dependent people, put them on TV with their drug paraphernalia and speak about how happy they are.”


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